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Tree on a windy hill
Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Date:2012-09-13 17:43
Subject:OMG melons!

Hidden amid a sea of leaves, the cantaloupes are coming on strong.

I've dabbled at growing melons a few times before, but they've always turned out to be smaller than they should have been, and most haven't actually ripened completely. So this year, when I didn't plant out the melon starts until the first of August, I didn't hold my breath expecting a successful crop; I simply figured if they turn out, fine, and if they don't, at least it was worth a try. However, after a slow beginning, the vines started to go crazy, filling most of the bed with overgrowth and--yes--fruit. I've been watching them grow, but was still surprised when Aaron looked at one cantaloupe closely the other day and determined that it was, in fact, ripe. Since then we've harvested five more. And they're great--some of the best I've ever had, full-sized and with sweet flavor without the heavy, over-ripe taste you sometimes get. Yay!

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