bardsmaid (bardsmaid) wrote,

Fall is on its way

Late afternoon light shines on a bench at the edge of the Park Avenue pond.

The signs are all around now, if still subtle: the return of the squirrels (lots and lots of squirrels), a few leaves beginning to turn and/or fall, cooler evenings. I've had the chimney cleaned in anticipation of the heating season, though at this point we need a new fire pot in the pellet stove, and are waiting anxiously for the ordered part to appear... especially since we'd be using the stove a few of these mornings if it were functional. As it is, we put on hoodies or jackets, and sit at our computers with blankets over our laps.

Yesterday, working out in the front yard for a little while, I was approached by first one neighbor and then another. We talked briefly and each one offered me something from their yard--a bag of pears from one and two pumpkins from the other. Very cool! For my part, I've picked two lug boxes of apples from the tree at the back of the yard and shared them. Tonight, I made the first apple crisp of the season with the apples from that tree. Yum.
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