bardsmaid (bardsmaid) wrote,

The first chapters of Topaz are up!

I've been working away at Topaz since mid-May, and the first group of chapters is ready for prime time... or as ready as they're going to get. Chapters 1-3 are available now, 4-6 are awaiting final beta and should be available soon, and 7-8 are written and "settling". The story seems to be heading in the right direction, meaning it's taken the reins and started to lure me through a lot of unanticipated territory--always a good sign, from my experience... though I admit to sometimes feeling like a person trying to braid with a dozen strands of hair. Everything is available from the Topaz page. Many thanks to sinkwriter, Listen and cybertoothtiger for taking the time and effort to go through the story with me, catching the inevitable typos, pointing out problem areas, commenting and generally helping me polish things.
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