bardsmaid (bardsmaid) wrote,

Fruit is in the air

It's that season again. I can ride my trike through the neighborhood, and whereas a couple of weeks ago I could smell warm blackberries in the sun, now I smell apples. Trees are bending under the weight of their loads, fruit is coloring... even in Barb's yard, mostly abandoned, I discovered sweet, tasty clusters of grapes for the first time where generally they're all mildewed and shriveled. In my yard, my first little Bartlett pears are waiting to be picked--nine fat little fruits suspended like ornaments on a very fragile, staked-up tree--and the huge load of apples on the old Golden Delicious at the back of the yard are getting bigger and bigger.

As you can see, we've been canning peaches bought from a local farm, and will be doing another batch in a few days, as soon as the ones I bought yesterday soften up a bit. They're Suncrest, our favorite canning peach, and the result will be like nothing available in the grocery store. I also finally decided to try making pickles. I've done some water-bath-processed ones that will store in the canning closet for later in the year, and some refrigerator pickles which are supposed to be good for six months stored in the fridge. Now I'm just crossing my fingers that I'll get enough tomatoes off my tomato plants to make the kind of ultra-tasty canned tomatoes I ended up with last year.
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