bardsmaid (bardsmaid) wrote,

My cup runneth over

Fruits and veggies are beginning to ripen here. I've had three big tomatoes, a cucumber, carrots and quite a bit of zucchini. The melons I planted late have taken hold and have spread so far that even though the three planting hills were spaced pretty far apart, they've all grown into one giant mass of greenery, and some of the melons are the size of tennis balls--up from the size of large grapes in only about three days. But one of the bonuses this year is what you can see above.

The blackberry clusters dangling down over the lilacs and other bushes along the east side of the yard are starting to ripen, so I go out every morning and pick whichever ones are ripe. Most go right into the freezer, but today I made oatmeal blackberry muffins. Yum.

Yesterday was Miss Muffin's first birthday. She's starting to walk, and is a lot of fun to watch. She especially likes being outside in the yard and garden, so maybe she'll end up being a natural-born gardener like her mom and dad. She looks a lot like Aaron did at that age. I especially liked this picture of her, which I took yesterday.

I picked up several bare-root dahlias this winter, and the first one finally bloomed (below). I haven't had any singles before, and I like the boldness of this one:

This morning I headed out on the trike before settling in the cottage to write. I decided to cruise by the Park Avenue pond, and when I got there I discovered that someone had trimmed back the bushes and the blackberry along the path at the back of the pond, Which meant you could actually see into the rear part of the pond, which is normally hidden. It would be cool to have this sort of thing in your backyard.

Last but not least, beta/feedback is starting to come in on the first section of Topaz. If you happen to remember Mulder's line that "I was just trying to be thorough", know that getting feedback from two INFJs at once is like that. It means pages and pages of observations and a great chance to dive into the story with dedicated readers and discuss plot and happenings and character arcs. It's one of the aspects of the story creation process that I love most, a great treat after the solitary work of the writing itself. And it means I can see ahead to actually being able to post this section of the story. Many thanks to sinkwriter and Listen for their ongoing efforts!
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